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how to use pass ?

What is a GV Fitness Pass?

GV Fitness Pass is your one Stop Fitness Pass which can be used in any of your nearby fitness centres. It gives you the power to decide which fitness centre you want to use, at what time and on which date. Just use the classes before the validity mentioned.

How does GV Fitness Pass work?

You simply must purchase the pass, redeem it and after redemption, a ticket will get generated.Now scan the ticket at the fitness centre of your choice.

How much does the Pass Cost?

We currently have 10 classes pass with a validity of 30 days. The price of the pass is Rs 999/-. But as a launch offer you can avail it for Rs 499.

How do I redeem my classes from the Pass purchased?

Redeeming is extremely simple. First click on the fitness centre that you want and then click on Redeem. Your class will be redeemed instantly.

Does the Pass come with a validity?

Yes, the Pass does have a validity. If you don't consume your classes within the validity mentioned, then it will expire. Currently we are providing with 30 days validity.

How do I know how many classes have been redeemed by me?

Under the Profile Tab, you need to click on the Passes Tab. There you will instantly get to know how many classes need to be utilized.

Can I use the pass in all the fitness centres with all offerings?

Currently you can use the pass in all centres within your city.

Can I redeem my classes all at once?

Yes, you can redeem your classes all together if the validity date has not been crossed yet.

Can I redeem all my classes at one centre?

Yes, you can. You have complete freedom to choose any centre as per your choice even if it is the same one repeatedly.

Can I go directly to the fitness centre after booking the class?

Ideally, we suggest to give a quick call to the centre chosen to avoid disappointment later. This is usually recommended to ensure the centre is available at your chosen date and time and is not closed due to any unforeseen circumstances at that moment.